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Recension av Biofinity i färgen
Insänd av: Konstantin den 2009-10-07
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Inte så bra för känsliga ögon
Recently decided to try them since they are supposed to be day-and-night lenses and I need it sometimes. Was disappointed since always feel having lenses on my eyes and slight irritation. Don't believe that they can be left on at night time, have not even tried it.
Used Precision UV and Aqua daily comfort by CIBA vision before, which are much more comfortable.
By the way, couple of year ago I was also very much disappointed by Biomedics Evolution (also made by Cooper vision).

Prisvärdhet:6 of 5 Stars! 6/9
Bekvämlighet:4 of 5 Stars! 4/9
Synskärpa:8 of 5 Stars! 8/9
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2010-02-21 säger Tomas in gothenburg:

I used a lens called S75 1978 to 1985 this was and is the best lens ever, try it if you can find it. This lens iss turned not molded like they are today and I suppose this will create a a more open structure in the lens when expanded in water. sincere regsrd Tomas btw I uaed my S75 without any irritation. Once a month I took them out and boiled them in special rince. the len lasted for a full year. S75 love forever.


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